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Hello Meet Kalila

Welcome my sisters to KaLila Hair Land. The land where healthy hair is priority and great hair days are GOALS! Office is located in Atlanta, GA. Growing up I was always the family hairstylist, so it has always been a passion of mine to make women feel AS beautiful as POSSIBLE. Therefore, I set my sights on spreading beauty through the world BY PRODIVING QUILTY HAIR and products! Here at KaLila Hair Land we are family and that's the very reason WE ARE CALLED #HairLandSisters! when you treat every customer like family you always go above and beyond. SO our promise to you is WHEN YOU PURCHASE FROM our SITE you will be provided with the best. WELCOME  #HAIRLANDSISTERS to the family and Thanks for trusting me to be your all things HAIR PROVIDER!


Tel: 678.337.1639


Austell, GA

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